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The Blog of Manly was a five year labor for a team of men. We started with one. At our peak we had over 20 regular contributors. These men worked hard to bring you powerful content that would, if heeded, transform your mind, body and spirit.

From the theology of manhood, to the psychology of manhood, to the hobbies  and interests of manhood, we sought to release the masculinity innate within you, to free it from unnecessary restraint.

We fought for your relationships. We fought to give you a mission. We fought for you.

But at some point, we got tired ourselves. And our focus started to slip. Our standards ever so subtly began to loosen. We didn’t have the same pride we once had.

The editors convened earlier this year with one goal: to rekindle the fire that was slowly dying. We found our common goals. We shared a common enthusiasm. We saw a common direction.

That’s when Manly.Is was born.

Manly.is isn’t a new vision, it’s a sharper sword. It’s not a unique battle, but it’s a much more powerful gun.

Manly.is is the commitment to excellence that will take the goal of Blog of Manly and elevate its impact and influence. It will open new doors and initiate new conversations. It will create new partnerships and strengthen older ones.

Manly.is has one objective. We’re going to answer the question: “What is Manly?” We’re going to approach every topic with this objective in mind. On any topic, concerning any question, immersed in any interest: what is Manly?

How would a Man respond? How would a Man react? How would a Man conduct himself?

We’ve got our fire back. We’re bringing an edgier, faster, slicker style. We’re going to find new ways to get our point across. We’re going to continue to reject any definition of Manhood that isn’t grounded in eternally obvious truth.

You’ll recognize some of what you see here. After all, we did some great work before, and that work has its place here. But you’re going to see a lot of new, better material.


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